About Cord CuttersSC

About the Owner & Founder:

Cords CutterSC Founder Thank you for checking out my website. My name is Robert Johnson. I was born in Winston-Salem, NC in 1973 and when I was 4 my family and I moved to Jacksonville, FL. (GO NOLES!!!). I am the  middle of two brothers. I lived in Florida until I was in middle school until we moved to South Carolina. I spent my middle school and High School years in Simpsonville, SC., I currently reside in Anderson, SC. I have a beautiful daughter who will soon to be nine years of age in August. We attend church regularly and Love Jesus with all our Hearts. We strive to serve him fully each day and try to show love to others each day by being the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth while we are here.

I started this website because I am passionate about "Cord-Cutting" and I want to show others how they can break free from the high payments of Cable and Satellite bills. Our #1 goal is to provide an EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE so you will keep coming back to us as well as send all your friends and family to us. I know what it is like to walk into Best Buy, and start asking the store employees about Cord-Cutting and they look at you like your from another planet, not here, I may not know it all when it comes to this "Cord Cutting", but my promise to you is that if I do not have an answer for you, I will get one for you as soon as possible and get back to you with the right answer.

About Cord Cutting:

Cord Cutters exist to teach the not so tech savvy individuals how to cut the cord on their expensive cable/satellite bills.

In broadcast television, cord-cutting refers to the pattern of viewers (referred to as cord cutters) cancelling their subscriptions to multi channel subscription television services available over cable, dropping expensive pay television channels or reducing the number of hours of subscription TV viewed in response to competition from rival media available over the Internet such as Amazon.com, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, and YouTube. This Internet content is either free or significantly cheaper than the same content provided via cable. As a market trend, a growing number of "cord cutters" do not pay for subscription television in favor of some combination of broadband Internet and IPTV, digital video recorders, digital terrestrial television broadcasts, or free-to-air satellite television.

What We Do:


We will listen to your needs and what it is you are trying to accomplish for your Cord-Cutting goals.

We sell just about anything you can think of for Cord-Cutting, from digital TV Antenna's, HD & SUHD Televisions like top brands such as Samsung, LG, TCL, we also offer different types of digital video recorders (DVR's) to record your favorite over-the-air broadcast TV shows from channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The CW

We will help you pick out the right digital Antenna for your home

We offer Installation Services for your new equipment also. (This is not a free service) Installation is a one-time fee of $250 (Must live within a 30 mile radius of Anderson, SC)

Contact & Business hours to reach us:

Email me at: info@cordcutterssc.com anytime and I will respond to you just as quickly as possible.

We are available by phone at (864) 712-0034

Monday thru Friday phone hours from 9am-8pm EDT

Saturday phone hours from 9am-5pm EDT

Closed on Sunday's and every major US Federal Holiday

*** Just because we say we are closed, our online retail store is always open 24 hours a day 7 day's a week, 365 days a year for your shopping convenience.